General Statement:

PaceTech warrants to customer that each Warranted Product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use in accordance with the manuals and specifications provided by PaceTech. This warranty is made to:

  • Direct Buyers of new equipment from PaceTech.
  • First subsequent customers of authorized distributors on a per unit basis.
    • Further subsequent customers are not covered by any warranty, and all further subsequent customers receive all units on an “as is” basis, regardless of whether or not seller indicated as such.

Generally, warranty service will be conducted by PaceTech, at our Clearwater, FL, USA facility. For the products which need to be replaced within the warranty period, PaceTech will replace them with products which have the same specifications, and the replacing products have same rights as the original products. The original warranty period for the repaired or replaced products which are still in warranty period will not be extended upon replacement or repair.

Warranty Term:

  • Warranty lasts for 5 (five) calendar years, starting from date of shipment.
    • Shipment is defined as:
      • New equipment directly purchased from PaceTech by end-user
      • New equipment purchased from authorized distributor and blind shipped (or, “Drop Shipped”) by PaceTech.
      • Equipment sold from authorized distributor to end-user, from distributor stock, and serial number of unit was dispatched in a consignment dated no more than x years from purchase date.
  • Warranty will cover all parts and labor on valid warranty claims.

Claim Terms:

  • .(when we are and are not responsible for honoring warranty)

Logistical Terms:

  • Customer is responsible for all cartage/shipping costs to our Clearwater, Florida, USA facility
  • PaceTech will dispatch all repaired units via most economical air/ground shipping method back to customer, at cost to PaceTech.
  • If a more expedited or preferred option is requested by customer, customer will bear all cartage/shipping costs back to them.
    • All inbound warranty repair shipments to PaceTech should be shipped as DAP (Delivered at Place), and PaceTech will bear responsibility for ALL customs-related costs, tariffs, taxes, fees, or duties that may apply.
    • Please mark all warranty repair shipments as such, and not as commercial sales with your shipping company/freight forwarder.
    • All International warranty repair dispatch will be shipped as DAP (Delivered at Place) when using most economical method at PaceTech’s expense, and customer will be responsible for ALL customs-related costs, tariffs, taxes, fees, or duties that may apply.
    • When customer requires an expedited shipment method, or otherwise pre-arranged or billed shipment option, warranty repair dispatch will be shipped as EXW (Ex Works) and customer will be responsible for ALL of the following:
      • Inland transportation in the country of origin
      • Customs handling fees at origin
      • Origin charges
      • International freight
      • Destination charges
      • Customs handling fees at destination
      • Inland transportation at the destination country
      • Payment of duties and taxes