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To bring low-cost high-tech medical instruments to the world.



Company founder and shareholder, Ilhan Bilgutay worked for many years as an electrical engineer in research and development to several major manufacturing companies. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He organized his first business enterprise in Minnesota in 1972 and relocated to Florida in 1978.

Ilhan holds several U.S. patents including the Optical Character Reading System and Bar Code Font now used worldwide on all grocery items and inventory control applications. He also holds a patent on the unique, artifact-resistant blood pressure monitoring system which formed the basis of HiggsB’s pioneering entry into the pre-hospital emergency medical market of automatic blood pressure monitors.

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Ilhan’s original efforts were in the area of designing and manufacturing the first self-monitoring device for people with implanted pacemakers. Now, he focuses on new product developments for the company.

PaceTech Health is located in the high tech Tampa Bay area at 515 S. MLK Jr Ave. in downtown Clearwater, Florida, in a 4,000 square foot commercial manufacturing, sales, administration, and engineering building.



To provide health care providers with high quality medical monitoring equipment where we can be proud of the integrity and workmanship of each product sold to the end-user. To offer superior customer service, always remembering that life sustaining and important medical analysis decisions are based on readings rendered by our equipment.